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Inter Lingua Inc  provides you with written translations of documents, contracts, training material, employee manuals, safety procedures, promotional material and videos. Inter Lingua also does proofing of materials already translated and we proof all our work. Our proofing involves making sure the translation is free of mechanical errors in spelling, punctuation. We also provide translations for advertising, training and corporate videos including closed captions. We can also provide certified translations and free estimates.

All projects are handled by experienced, professional translators. You are assured consistency, appropriate style and complete confidentiality for all your business language needs.

Certified Translation, Oklahoma, Document Agency, Interlingua Translator English to Spanish

With more than 250 highly qualified translators, Inter Lingua Inc. is a comprehensive language service company which assures that you communicate, operate and succeed in all cultures. In conclusion, Inter Lingua Inc. is more than a translation company because we focus on each client’s individual communication and translation needs. We assist you in achieving significant time-to-market strategies, whether it is an internal communication strategy or critical contractual documents .Our goal is to provide you with your project within your stated parameters. You are assured consistency, appropriate style and complete confidentiality for all your business language needs.

We provide certified translation services in all languages. We also provide medical, legal translations ,free estimates and interpreting services . Inter Lingua Inc. is a professional company.

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Inter Lingua, legal translator, manufacturing translation companies in Tulsa, medical interpreter offering translation services and Language interpretation, letters, English to Spanish contracts and multilingual interpretation: translations in Aviation and Aerospace  Interlingua is a translation service company: Manufacturing translations in Tulsa: Computer Software; Technology; Interpreter Oklahoma and translation services: Marketing; Advertising language translation; Oil &Gas translations; Financial statements translation: Interlingua provides translation and interpreter services from English to Spanish: Legal Interpreters from interlingua Inc.: Government translations: we have Medical experience and understanding;  translations of letters. Inter Lingua works with each customer to accomplish the requested work and also in defining the target audience. We have a wide resource of industry specific translators that are fluent in both the language and the specialized vocabulary. Certified translation, Oklahoma, Document Translation, Interlingua Translation and Translator English to Spanish.  Interpreting Companies.

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