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Phrase language problems interpreter and translation services medical interpreter certified medical sign language Are you having language problems? Take a moment to read the list below and determine whether you’re struggling with any one of these troubling issues.

Phone Conversations
Your points have not been clear to the other party because of language difficulty.

Slow Sales Abroad
Your product information has not been translated.

Lack of Response
You receive incomplete communication in response to your letters and faxes sent in English.

Awkward Meetings
Communication difficulties lead to uncomfortable face-to-face encounters and misunderstandings.

Lengthy Turnaround on Negotiations
Time is lost because of inefficiency in the translation process.

Inaccurate Translations
Incomplete understanding of material by amateur translators results in inadequate translation.

Inter Lingua Inc. can solve these problems! You will be pleased with our prompt and effective service.

Monthly Advise and Recommendations

  • If you use Inter Lingua for you translations you will avoid translation blunders.
  • Most firms realize it takes more than a bilingual dictionary to translate their commercial messages and their intended meanings.
  • In many cases, the language of the promotional effort is correct, but the message is not effective. We can help you translate your message.
  • Have you thought of having your menu and your website in multiple languages?
  • Culture plays an important role in international business.
  • When writing correspondences into other languages, the writing must be straightforward and detailed information must be included.
  • When negotiating with people from France, first names are rarely used.
  • When speaking to Hispanics first names are not used unless you know a person very well and are in friendly terms.
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Monthly Advise and Recommendations